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It all began one snowy day in Grandma's kitchen....

Tawanna Devine, Owner and Chef of Devine Treatz Inc. located in Chicago,IL, has been cooking for as long as she can remember. Her earliest culinary training consist of hanging around her grandmother's kitchen when she was a little girl. She spent a lot of time observing, and tasting her recipes. She was always the first to pick the crust off of what she describes as "the best fried chicken in the world!" 

Tawanna loves food and always look for fun and exciting ways to share her food. Her dishes are easy ,delicious and will win your friends and loved ones over! She brings a Southern Cajun Creole fusion with a twist! And has been told that her bubbly personality makes her an approachable kitchen companion for any home cook. She believes in a fresh, simple approach to cooking that encourages home cooks to find their own voice in the kitchen. Tawanna Devine is a personal Chef that is willing to cater to all of your needs.


Devine Treatz offers a Healthy Meal preparation choice that allows you to choose meals that are 500 calories or less prepared fresh daily, Catering Services for any event or occasion, as well as Private Dinner Party rates. Her motto is simple, "Let me cook for you!" You will not be disappointed. 

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